Flavored water in your sprinklers!!


Make your summer fun the BEST EVER with flavored water in your sprinklers!!



Do you remember the hot days of summer as a kid? Riding bikes around the neighborhood with friends? Waterfights in the back yard? Jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler under it?  Of course, we all do! Now that
we are all older, we want the younger generation to be able to enjoy some of those great things from the past. Kids today however are so overwhelmed by stimuli at every turn. iPads, and smartphones, TV’s and computers all fighting for their attention, it can be hard to captivate a child’s attention with something so simple.

shutterstock_96560185That is why we decided to take our favorite pastime of playing in the sprinklers on a hot day, and take it to the next level! Not just on a functionality level, but on a sensory level too!

Sprinkler Warehouse is now proud to add “Flavigation” systems to their family oif lawn and garden irrigation products. Flavigation was developed for the retail market by adapting the existing technology  for injecting fertilizers into the irrigation system for application through the sprinklers themselves. Food grade quality plastics and connections (similar to those used in bottled water and/or flavored drink production) have been used to build this system which can be added to any existing underground or above ground sprinkler system.

c_075_imageSimply connect the flavigation system to your current system using a Y-splitter or injection coupler as close to the water source as possible and mount the flavigation’s concentrate tank to a wall or post near the injection sight.

The flavigation works with all your favorite powdered drink mixes or frozen concentrates. By simply opening the injection tank and following the appropriate directions supplied with your flavor of choice, the flavigations proprietary injection technology takes care of the rest, sending out the appropriate blend of concentrate and water to deliver a delicious stream of flavored hydration through your exorcising system.



Purchase your own flavigation system by clicking HERE or by going online to www.sprinklerwarehouse.com


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