Happy Memorial Day, remember our soldiers!


Sprinkler Warehouse would like to thank ALL our brave soldiers, men and women who serve in all parts of the military to protect our country and our freedom. We are forever grateful to those who gave their lives for this cause and we keep them and their families in our thoughts and our prayers.


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Happy Nurses Day!


Sprinkler Warehouse would like to thank ALL of you wonderful people who have chosen to put in all the work and commitment to become nurses. What you do is genuinely miraculous and you deserve to be recognized for that. Sprinkler Warehouse is home to many wonderful employees whose lives have been deeply touched by nurses throughout the courses of their lives… whether they have family members are nurses, friends who practice nursing or have been cared for by excellent nurses while in the hospital. We simply cannot live without you!!

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Get your mom purple sprinklers for Mothers Day!

CMOTHERSDAY-GIFTShoosing the RIGHT gift for mom can be hard! Should you buy her flowers? Candies? Jewelery? Perfume?

Something practical?

Something Frivolous and Fun!?

So many choices and so little time right!

How about you get her something that is practical, fun and decorative! Something that will help her to grow flowers and do it in style!

Pastel Sprinkler heads and sprinkler parts! No more boring old black sprinklers for mom! Get her a new set of pastel purple sprinkler parts that she can use to replace her old parts and adorn her yard with a touch of color! Even the sprinkler rotors have a multi-colored pack of nozzles so she can pick her favorite color!

The actual truth is that these parts are designed for use with non-potable or “Greywater” sprinkler systems. Meaning that they were originally developed and produced with the purpose in mind to identify or warn people of non-potable water. But they do work just the same way that all other sprinklers and sprinkler parts do. They are just colored purple as a cautionary indicator.

PURPLE-IS-THE-NEW-BLACKHowever, these fittings, sprinklers, covers and parts are a joy to look at and would add a marvelous decorative touch to any yard!

Surprise mom this Mothers Day with a new set of colored accent parts for her yard!





Happy Cinco De Mayo Everyone!!

Hello everyone in sprinkler land!! We here at Sprinkler Warehouse  are back in the office and set for another fun filled week. And what better holiday to kick off the week than CINCO DE MAYO!?  This time of year we start thinking about getting out sprinkler systems up and going. It’s likely only a week or two longer before we will have to start mowing the grass again!  So lets get our prep on and order up those things we need to get your lawn irrigation situation right.