Press Release: Kits now available from to fight Zika

Fight Zika using your home’s sprinkler system

with a 100% Organic pesticide that is safe for kids and pets


Houston, Texas: Protect your home and family from Zika using your sprinkler system to apply a 100% organic, food-grade pesticide that kills mosquitoes and stops and prevents their breeding. The cedar based blend of oils is safe for pets and kids alike. Kits to install this system and start fighting Zika can be found at

zika-icon“For consumers who are hesitant about using DEET-based products, cedar based products provide a safe-to-use alternative without sacrificing the protection,” explained Steve Okelberry, Owner of Sprinkler Warehouse. “For families with kids or pets, it’s a great way to add a layer of protection.”

The organic pesticide is so safe that it can be applied directly to the skin if desired to provide hours of chemical-free protection for mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Homeowners can purchase a system that directly injects the organic pesticide into their sprinkler system or a hose-end kit that anyone with a garden hose can use. A battery operated hand spray version is also available.  SW-mosquitokit-targets

In summary, the reasons to use a sprinkler based Zika — and other mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile — fighting system are:

  • 100% natural and organic formula that is safe for kids and pets
  • Kills mosquitoes and other insects on contact plus stops the breeding cycle
  • Automated application (through your sprinkler system) ensuring a safe barrier is maintained around your yard and home


About Sprinkler Warehouse

Based in Houston, Texas, Sprinkler Warehouse is the nation’s largest online supplier of irrigation parts and supplies. They offer the lowest prices on the broadest range of professional grade irrigation related parts, supplies and tools anywhere. All orders ship the same day.

For further inquiries, contact:

Blaine Walker, Digital Marketing Director



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