What are your sprinklers doing this winter!?

lizard-on-sprinklerDuring the winter time, most of the country will shut down their irrigation systems…whether you are in the Northwest where snowstorms will bury your sprinklers under a drift of windswept snow or in southern Texas (where we are) and lizards use the sprinkler heads as their own personal lookout post. We cannot wait for spring to fire up the sprinklers and start greening up the grass again. #WeLoveIrrigation #SprinklerDIY


Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

backflow-blogWinterization Method: Pneumatic BlowOut

  • Connect The Air Compressor – With a large air compressor ( 50 cubic feet per minute min) connect the air compressor to the backflow preventer riser on the downstream side.) Make sure the compressor has a pressure regulator valve with an accurate gauge.
  • Open Valves one at a time – Always turn on your valves one by one, (preferably) using the system controller. If your yard is uneven work in sequence from the highest zone downward. Otherwise move through the zones one at a time in order from last to first.
  • Anti-Siphon (above ground valves) – you will need to connect the compressor hose to the downstream part of the valve risers.
  • Turn On The Air Compressor – Gradually (& very slowly) increase the pressure without letting it exceed 50 psi.
  • Blow The Water Out -. The first zone will generally take the longest – as soon as the water has been effectively blown out, turn off the air supply to that zone.
  • Move On To The Next Valve – Turn off the valve that you just worked on, and proceed to the next one following the same steps. ***Warning***: Never shut all valves while the compressor is running, it will likely result in damaged parts.
  • Blow Out Main Line Section – If your irrigation system has a mainline section that is upstream from the backflow preventer, hook up your air compressor to the blow out fitting near the sprinkler system shut off valve; blow out the water through the backflow preventer riser.
  • Set controller for winter – Set the automatic controller to “rain mode” or disconnect power from it. Place threaded caps over the anti-siphon valve fittings, backflow preventer risers – over anything that might allow pests or garbage to get in.

When SHOULD you be mowing your grass??

We deal with watering times frequently here are Sprinkler Warehouse, but we are often asked questions outside of irrigation, especially dealing with grass – like, “when is the best time of day to mow the lawn?” (And lets face it, if we are doing our job and helping you to water properly, your lawn should be growing healthy and strong!)

So we did a little research and consulted with some friends who are experts in the lawn health department and came up with a few guidelines that we will share with you in a simplified form below!



Fixing dead spots, brown spots and burned grass

Brown patches and uneven plant growth can be caused by a number of factors, but in this article we are going to focus specifically on sprinkler systems as the source of the problem. Below are several common problems and some tips for fixing them.


Incorrect sprinkler head height is one of the most common problems leading to brown spots and poor growth. Heads installed at incorrect heights can also lead to damage to the sprinkler system.

Sprinkler heads that have been installed too low aren’t able to rise above the ground or turf level, or the level of the plants directly around them. This prevents the water from spraying properly, and often leads to coverage gaps and flooding around the sprinkler head. Additionally, sprinkler heads that are too low are more likely to have retraction problems and mechanism failures. This is caused by dirt entering the internals of the sprinkler head.

Heads that have been placed too high are a tripping hazard, and are a risk that could damaging lawn mowers or other landscaping equipment. The easiest way to correct this is to dig out around the head, disconnect it, and reconnect it using funny pipe or a swing joint, which can be positioned to exactly the right height.

Another common cause of incorrect sprinkler head height is the natural growth of surrounding plants. A sprinkler head that was installed correctly near a shrub may need to be adjusted as the plant grows. Sprinkler heads watering ground cover plants will also need adjustment.

Over time, ground levels can raise or lower (soil is washed away with rain and flooding, and built up with decomposing leaf matter, grass clippings, etc.), which can cause a sprinkler head to be too high or too low. Either way, the best solution is to dig it out, remove it, and reconnect it using a swing joint or funny pipe. All sprinkler systems should be checked periodically to verify that the heads are still at the correct level.

Clogged Nozzles:

Clogged sprinkler nozzles are caused by dirt or debris working its way into the sprinkler head. This can prevent the sprinkler head from spraying properly, causing gaps in the spray pattern, which will lead to brown patches. The first step in diagnosing brown spot is to observe the sprinkler while it is running. You’ll be able to see if overgrown plants are blocking the sprinkler, the head is broken, or the spray pattern is being internally disrupted.

Note: Don’t try to remove a nozzle by prying at it with a screwdriver. Both rotor and spray nozzles are easy to remove, but must be removed carefully to avoid damage.

Wrong spacing of heads

Even if sprinklers appear to be spraying evenly over an area, there may be gaps in the coverage. When planning and installing sprinklers, it is important to lay out the heads with “head to head” coverage. This means that the spray from one sprinkler head should reach the next closest sprinkler heads, and vice versa. Head to head coverage creates optimum watering overlap, and help compensate for spray pattern imperfections.

Uneven growth or brown patches in your lawn may be an indication of damaged or clogged heads, or improper installation or placement. It is important to check all these possibilities, and repair or correct any problem areas to maintain a healthy lawn. Often, poor coverage will not manifest itself until severe hot, dry weather conditions prevent your lawn from receiving supplemental water through rainfall. New plantings can also reveal problem areas, as they have not yet developed mature root systems. additional watering times or hand watering can help, but the best solution is to adjust your sprinkler system properly and clean or repair any damaged or clogged heads. A well-maintained, properly installed and adjusted sprinkler system will keep your landscape well-watered, beautiful, and healthy.

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Irrigation retailer Sprinkler Warehouse releases new perfume system for your yard!

It is not uncommon now-a-days for a person to apply perfume or cologne before going out on a date or to work. You buy fragrance clips and hangers for your car. You even buy candles or outlet plug-ins for your home! So it makes sense that you would want your yard to smell just as good as the other parts of your life!

Online sprinkler retailer megalith, announced today the release of a new fragrance delivery medium for your yard using your yards existing sprinklers system. The kit can be used with underground sprinklers or hose end sprinklers alike. Using a patented, proprietary injection system, the fragrance is evenly applied across the yard and is controlled using an “on-demand” smart phone app. The app lets the homeowner control how much fragrance is dispensed, and for how long. You can even switch between different scents (with optional kit, sold separately).

Perhaps the  most exciting news about the scent-system is that it can use your own favorite perfumes and colognes! However, if the thought of spraying your $300 bottle of Creed or Le Labo onto your yard is more than you had in mind, Sprinkler Warehouse offers a range of less expensive scents that can be purchased directly including; freshly cut grass, Sun-dried clothes, campfire, tropical island seabreeze, or even new car scent!

The kit retails for $399.99 and can be installed in under an hour with tools most homeowners have on hand.

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This $3 part can save you thousands after a cold winter night.

Tired of blowing out your sprinkler system each year in preparation for cold — you wait and wait for the day when the temps dip below freezing to validate the hard work you did to purge every last drop of H2O from the myriad of pipes and elbows and rotor heads. If you live in a part of the country where freezing pipes are not a primary concern than there is one very simple device you can install in just minutes that will always be watching over your pipes and protecting them from damage year round…

What is the name of this oh-so-valuable part? Its called a lateral drain!

Lateral Drains (sometimes referred to as freeze drains)are a very simple device that do not require any electricity, maintenance or attention on your part to work. simply install them and forget about them! Each drain works using a one way valve that stays open  when there is not pressure in the system, and it closes itself whenever there is water in the pipes. The primary benefit of the automatic drain is that it will allow the water that remains in your pipes after shutting off the sprinklers to have an easy path out of the pipe.


Broken pipes occur when the water inside your pipes reaches a freezing temperature and expands as it turns to ice. Without anywhere to go when it expands the ice will force it’s way out of the pipe either by splitting the pipe or breaking a valve or rotor or worst of all a backflow preventer!

You can purchase automatic drains in a variety of styles, but each uses the same primary design to allow the left over water to pass through them. Some drains use a spring to control flow while others use a loose metal ball inside the device that moves out of the way to let water by.



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valve box with lateral drains


How to repair a backflow by installing a new “Bonnet & Poppet”

Cold weather is finally here and regardless of where you live, there are certain things you need to know about your sprinkler system that will help you to avoid unwanted repairs or costly repair service calls. If you have a sprinkler system chances are that you also have a backflow preventer. A majority of backflow preventers are designed with a fail-safe in mind to prevent irreparable damage. The following guide will outlines the steps necessary to repair your own backflow preventer if freezing temperatures have damaged it.


1. Shut off the water supply to the backflow preventer.

Shut off of the bottom valve

  •  Turn the water supply off to the backflow by turning the lower handle (as shown)








inside_empty2. Remove all broken plastic parts from inside the device.

  • Unscrew plastic bonnet
  • Remove any broken pieces from the inside
  • There should not be ANY plastic pieces remaining inside device
  • DO NOT mess with metal piece at bottom inside the device as it has a spring below it that would hurt you.





poppet-stack3.  Screw in new bonnet / poppet kit (Hand Tight ONLY).

  • Place bell on top of metal screw and tighten small nut just enough to hold the metal bell on the device and still rotate by hand with some tension.
  • Cover device with a blanket if freezing temperatures persist


















Skydrop now being offered at Sprinkler Warehouse

Sprinkler Warehouse is pleased to announce that they will be be carrying the new skydrop™ smart sprinkler controller. The skydrop controller combines groundbreaking modern styling with cutting edge technology. Skydrop, a Utah based company has designed the controller to meet and exceed the needs of today yards, while utilizing the technology that is becoming increasingly more commonplace across the board.


Skydrop makes watering your yard more than just an exercise in scheduling. The controller is wifi enabled and uses the network connection to access hyper-local weather information which it uses to build a custom watering schedule.  Furthermore the controller is able to adjust to meet any local watering restrictions keeping you out of trouble with the water police.  Lastly the controller can be fully controlled remotely from any web enabled smartphone, tablet or smartphone.


Controllers are now in-stock at and ready will ship the same day on all orders placed before 4:45pm cst. Sprinkler Warehouse is offering a special introductory price on the current stock of Skydrop controllers for $274 (while supplies last).