About Steve Okelberry

steve-wbgI am a person who truly loves irrigation. I have a passion for all things irrigation and sprinkler-related, and I live and breathe it every day.

What began as a sprinkler system contractor business with my dad became a life-long pursuit and career. Despite the fact that it’s been many years since I worked as a contractor, I take the time to maintain my certifications and licenses as a contractor.

  • President – Sprinkler Warehouse
  • CID – National Certified Irrigation Designer
  • CIC – National Certified Irrigation Contractor
  • CLIA – National Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor
  • TLI 5713 Texas Licensed Irrigation Professional
  • National Vice President Phi Theta Kappa (College Honor Society)

I continue to acquire certifications every year, and attend Continuing Education courses at every opportunity.

Why the Blog?

I started this Blog as a way to share some of my knowledge and passion, and as a way to give something back to all my loyal customers.

I have had so much fun teaching, especially when working with newbies, and I must say some of y’all have gotten yourselves into some pretty big fixes, not only with pipes and sprays, but also with wives and neighbors!

So I’m here to help you keep up with the Honey-Do list, and on neighborly terms with your neighbors.

Sprinkler Warehouse

Sprinkler Warehouse began nearly 20 years ago, when owner Steve Okelberry decided he was tired of paying premium prices for low-quality sprinkler supplies. He began building an online sprinkler parts and supply store from the ground up, running the business from his garage.

Since these humble beginnings, Sprinkler Warehouse has grown into a multi-million dollar company, and is now the largest online retailer of sprinkler supplies in the nation. In spite of the huge success of his company, Steve Okelberry continues to strive for the best customer service possible – he hasn’t forgotten his roots, or the reason he began this business. Providing the highest-quality products at low prices, with world-class customer care, continues to be the top priority of Sprinkler Warehouse.