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  1. We have a backflow regulator that keeps going off when a certain zone comes on line. There is not a slope in the yard that would cause the water to drain out of the line. The zone beside the one in question is in the front yard also and has no problems when it comes on line. I understand the pressure differential from the inlet and outlet of the backflow regulator would cause the problem. We dont see any spots where water could be leaking on the discharge of the hunter valve or around the hunter rotors after the valve shuts off. You can manually close the discharge of the backflow regulator and slowly open it and the problem will go away. We are watering every other day so the line has time to go empty.



  2. I am putting in a 1.25″ water supply for new construction. I want to tee in prior to my foundation for a future irrigation system. My freeze depth is 24″, to my water supply will be at 30″.

    My question is what do you suggest for the main valve location? I need to protect it from freezing. I know I need to install a backflow prevention device, but they drain up to their supply side.

    Should I dig a deep pit or just a normal valve box? Should I tee off in the crawlspace, insulate the irrigation line, run it through the foundation wall or what?

  3. I need to know how to adjust a toro sprinkler valve. it is an old one and i do not have model number. it can be turned manually but I don’t know which position it needs to be to run automatic. it is a buried valve.

  4. I have a sprinkler system that was installed by a professional using Weathermatic valves and Hunter spray head. My problem is in a two year period I have had at least all 22 solenoids on each zone replaced and some as many as three times. All total to 30. I am also running a two wire system. Do you have any idea what cause the solenoid to keep going bad.


    Bob King

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