Thank You

Memorial Day weekend is here.

We want to thank all veterans and all active duty military personnel for their service.  Without them we would not be here.  It is because of you that we are free to vote, travel, argue with our officials, work in our chosen career, and live a life of freedom.

We want to thank the families who have supported our military through the years. Because of your support they can do their job. It is difficult to raise a family when a spouse is away for months at a time. It is hard to watch your child or spouse leave knowing they are going into danger. And it is hard to explain to your children why Daddy or Mommy won’t be home for Christmas.  A lot is asked of you and you come through. Your support is indispensable.

Finally, the last veterans of WWII are disappearing fast. They are truly a generation that saved our nation. Please take a moment to thank them while you still can.

We wish one and all a great Memorial Day weekend.

Soldier holding baby in front of American Flag

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