Broken Septic System

Broken Septic System

Septic System

Now I know no one likes talking about a septic system… I mean it’s poop, that’s what it comes down to…. However when that poop is all over your yard you might change your mind. I bet that’s why you are reading this right now isn’t it!? I figured just as much. You want to know first if you can fix it yourself, and second if not how much it’s going to cost, right?

1. No

2. A Lot

Once your conventional system fails, most home owners are recommended by professionals to install an aerobic septic system. These systems have a 98% clean out of the tank when applied with their irrigation system. You are really hitting two birds with one stone,  a fertilized lawn and getting rid of your poo.

Of course an aerobic system is not cheap, but it will last between 40-60 years and maybe even longer if you keep up on annual maintenance and treat her nice. No chemicals or any “foreign” objects. There is oxygen loving natural bacteria in your tank that feeds on the…um… effluence… and it cannot digest your child’s army figurines.

Shop around for a quality, cheap septic cleaning company. You need someone that knows their stuff, but you also don’t want to pay that much. Most homeowners don’t factor in the annual cost for a septic system or the debt they might incur if their system fails. Installing a new one yourself is almost always out of the question since it requires a lot of knowledge experience and is a huge hassle if installed incorrectly.

You may be out of luck, but after following my tips you can dig yourself out of that disgusting effluent-filled hole and go find a reliable aerobic septic system.

Septic System

2 comments on “Broken Septic System

  1. No problem with aerobic septic systems, or organic septic additives as mentioned in the first reply. However, all can be avoided by just putting a riser on your tank and having it cleaned and pumped every 3 years. Once you allow solid waste material to enter your septic line, which should only contain liquid, damage to your lawn and the local environment will soon follow. Good post though. If you can afford it, go aerobic in the beginning, when system is initially being installed, and avoid the hassle. Even aerobic systems should be cleaned though. It’s just the smart thing to do.

  2. To avoid expensive repairs on your home and clean up the environment at the same time, use the natural cleaners for septic system clogging, plumbing and water supply maintenance like the all-natural Advanced Formula Septic-Helper 2000, Enza Drain Line Cleaner and the Enza Washer Ball for your laundry.

    In 2011 the EPA Total Maximum Load of Nitrates (TMDL) that states and counties must clean up their water supplies by 2017. It mandates new inspections on all septic systems, water wells and with funding, local waterways. A failed inspection would include a slow drain in your leach field, low septic tank bacteria levels or elevated Nitrate levels in your Water Well or local Water Supplies; could require replacement of your entire system for $10K to $80K+ or connect to the city sewer system for $5K to $40K. The new inspections are failing 12% of systems each year and 82% of those older than 1977.

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