Skydrop now available at Sprinkler Warehouse with special introductory price

Sprinkler Warehouse is pleased to announce that they will be carrying the new Skydrop™ Smart Sprinkler Controller. The Skydrop controller combines groundbreaking modern styling with cutting edge technology. Skydrop, a Utah-based company, has designed the controller to meet and exceed the needs of today’s yards, while utilizing the technology that is becoming increasingly more commonplace across the board.


Sprinkler Warehouse is offering a special introductory price on the current stock of Skydrop controllers for $274 while supplies last.

Skydrop makes watering your yard more than just an exercise in scheduling. The controller is Wi-Fi enabled and uses the network connection to access hyper-local weather information to build a custom watering schedule.

Furthermore, the controller is able to adjust to meet any local watering restrictions keeping you out of trouble with the water police.

Lastly, Skydrop can be fully controlled remotely from any web enabled smartphone, tablet or smartphone.


Controllers are now in-stock at and ready to ship same day on all orders placed before 4:45 p.m. CST.




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