This $3 part can save you thousands after a bitterly cold winter night

Tired of blowing out your sprinkler system each year in preparation for cold. You wait and wait for the day when the temps dip below freezing to validate the hard work you did to purge every last drop of H2O from the myriad of pipes and elbows and rotor heads.

If you live in a part of the country where freezing pipes are a primary concern, then there is one simple device you can install in just minutes that will always be watching over your pipes and protecting them from damage year round

What is the name of this oh-so-valuable part? Its called a lateral drain!

Lateral drains (sometimes referred to as freeze drains) are a very simple device that do not require any electricity, maintenance or attention on your part to work. Simply install them and forget about them! Each drain works using a one way valve that stays open  when there is not pressure in the system, and it closes itself whenever there is water in the pipes. The primary benefit of the automatic drain is that it will allow the water that remains in your pipes after shutting off the sprinklers to have an easy path out of the pipe.


Broken pipes occur when the water inside your pipes reaches a freezing temperature and expands as it turns to ice. Without anywhere to go when it expands the ice will force it’s way out of the pipe either by splitting the pipe or breaking a valve or rotor or worst of all a backflow preventer!

You can purchase automatic drains in a variety of styles, but each uses the same primary design to allow the left over water to pass through them. Some drains use a spring to control flow while others use a loose metal ball inside the device that moves out of the way to let water by.


Sprinkler warehouse carries all full selection of automatic drains at low prices!

valve box with lateral drains

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