Planning Ahead: Your Garden



Time to Achieve Dream Garden Status

It may seem crazy to start reading about how to plan your garden for this spring, but by February in most regions, it will be high-time to start some of those seeds. Sprinkler Warehouse wanted to bring some knowledge your way about how to successfully plan out your garden for this spring, be it trees, bushes or a mixture of vegetables and flowers.

Some of the first steps you should take will be to research your region, and talk to other local gardeners, if there is someone’s garden who blows you away every year (I feel like every neighborhood has one of these green thumbs) talk to them about the soil, perfect time to plant in your area, etc. Get ideas on how to design your garden from social media platforms, such as Pinterest. A lot of people make “boards” dedicated to their gardens and great tips for your garden.

Before buying your seeds determine just how much time you are willing to invest into your garden. Most people don’t realize how much work goes into a full-fledged garden! Sometimes starting off with just a few potted plants  will provide you with the self-sustainable satisfaction that you were looking for.

When to Water, And How- If you like the personal touch, then by all means get out there and individually water your plants… I’m more of a set it and forget it type of person, for that reason I would recommend drip irrigation. Drip is easy to install and is not expensive—not to mention will leave time to deal with more important issues, like what kind of dish will you make first to impress all of your friends with your home grown vegetables. Drip irrigation also allows most users to have over 70% savings on their water bill.

Tools- You will need some basic planting tools in order to get your plants in the ground. These are the essentials: spade, garden fork, soaking hose, hoe, hand weeder, and wheelbarrow (or bucket) for moving around mulch or soil. It’s worth paying a bit extra for quality tools.

Gardening Tools

Order your seeds, find someone with good reviews. Most researched gardeners use starter plants or start their seeds indoors to get a head start and keep their precious seedlings away from the frost. From there you can transfer starters to pots or straight into the ground.

Most first time gardeners end up with more than a few unsuccessful harvests, but the mistakes will lead to even an even better crop the next year. From then on it is simply water, fertilize, repeat… over time you will have some of the biggest vegetables and most beautiful flowers in town.

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