New Landscape Will Save You Money


New Landscape Will Save You $$

Planning for your customer’s spring time landscape will need to be done soon. Saving money and water can be a great way to keep your wallet fat and your customers coming back. Instead of trying the usual bargaining tools next time you’re enticing a client to accept your bid, try including some of the following advice. Installing a new landscape will SAVE you money. “Save me money? That’s impossible!”

In fact it is not, the truth is certain shrubs and plants can save your client money because they require less maintenance, less water, and sometimes more space. Your landscape design will still look well put together, but will be in a sense cheaper. Well designed landscapes can produce significant energy savings for both cooling and heating of buildings and homes. You can reduce a client’s A/C costs by having trees strategically positioned around the home. Evergreens in cold climates can provide shelter from the weather for less heating requirements in a home.

A well designed landscape can:

Trap Noise

Create Ambiance

Reduce Water Usage

Reduce A/C and Heating costs

Encourage activities outdoors


If you are just about close on a deal, consider letting your potential client know just how much cheaper than the “other guys” you can be by designing and integrating a well thought out plan.

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